Eve (2022)

Eve (2022)🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬
Release: 2022
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Korea, South Korea
Duration: 1072 min. 🎬 TV show
Style: romantic, tragic, emotional, sentimental, dramatic, serious
Audience: chick flick, girls’ night
Plot: husband wife separation, love affair, court case, husband and wife, tragic romance, death of father, female protagonist, revenge, rich, revenge motive, tragedy, death of parent, husband wife relationship, legal action, rich poor, tragic love, legal battle, male female relationship, vengeance, death of loved one, punishment, young girl, man-woman relation, wife and husband lead actors, married man, rich and poor, revenge plot, girl, revenge from beyond the grave, death, wife husband relationship, crime and punishment, wife, married couple, spouse, husband, tragic event, money, rich man poor woman, relationships, woman, couple relations, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, love, boy girl relationship, girl man relationship
Time: 21st century, 2020s
Place: seoul, south korea, korea

Channel: tvN

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