Shoot Goal to the Future (2022)

Shoot Goal to the Future (2022)🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬
Release: 2022
Genre: Animation, Sport, Drama
Country: Japan
Duration: 299 min. 🎬 TV show
Style: motivational, dramatic, student film, emotional, inspirational, uplifting
Audience: teens, teen drama, kids, boys’ night
Plot: football, school, school life, sport competition, teenage boy, playing footsie, japanese teenager, teenager, schoolgirl uniform, public school, athlete and trainer, sports history, champion, teenage protagonist, football field, football stadium, teenagers, teenage life, football team, championship, adolescence, adolescent boy, world cup, sport team, high school life, high school, football player, soccer ball, school uniform, playing football, athletic training, soccer, school class, schoolboy, soccer coach, play, soccer fan, soccer match, middle school, t shirt, wet t shirt, wet clothes
Time: year 2022, 2020s, 21st century
Place: italy, japan

Channel: AniTV, AT-X

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