You0 DECO (2022)

You0 DECO (2022)🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬
Release: 2022
Genre: Animation, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Country: Japan
Duration: 276 min. 🎬 TV show
Style: tech noir, epic, shoujo, serious, colourful, futuristic, ethnographical, enigmatic, slang
Audience: chick flick, teens, girls’ night
Plot: virtuality, adolescent girl, game, social network, computer hacker, crimes, crime investigation, amateur detective, secret, theft, social life, female criminal, foot chase, tailing a suspect, japanese teenager, computer game, love affair, amateur sleuth, mysterious man, virtual reality, play, teenage life, super computer, juvenile delinquency, thief, society, criminality, mysterious character, adolescence, play within film, love, stolen, internet, computer program, computer system, computer genius, amateur, mysterious event, secrets, private investigator, hunt down, virtual world, game playing, teenager, relationships, playing a video game, computer, sleuth, teenagers, video game
Time: future

Channel: Tokyo MX

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